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Companionship and Transportation Services for Seniors while in St. Louis, MO

Seniors on the Fly helps you get going!

We all know that when some people age, they often need help with a variety of tasks - local trips for groceries or medications, assistance with dressing, social or medical appointments, or just a friendly voice to read a book to them.

Despite how simple these may sound and though we often take them for granted, they are very valuable in the life of a person, your friend or loved one who are unable do these things for themselves. Even younger people may have surgery or a short-term disability from an accident and they need someone to assist them with transportation or help using a wheelchair.

Seniors on the Fly specializes in providing the specialized Adult Transportation and related life assistance services.

We can help you with:

We are listed on the Family Safety Care Registry and have a notary public available. Our service area includes the Greater St. Louis metropolitan area, up to 25 miles from the point of pickup. We have access to Handicapped Accessible transportation if needed.

We accept, cash, personal checks and payments through PayPal.